Tutorial Videos

You don’t have time reading? Don’t be afraid, we have great tutorial videos. All of them are short and brief.
  • Loading bar
    If you can’t start, that’s the problem.
  • Pagination
    See how you can push the page numbering in your flatplan.
  • Gatefold
    Learn how to gatefold to your flatplan.
  • File list
    See how the file list looks like.
  • Page size
    Change the layout’ dimension to match the real magazine.
  • Sharing flatplan
    You can email a link of a view-only version of your flatplan.
  • Print settings
    How to customize the look and feel of the print.
  • PDF
    Convert your files into pdf.
  • Upload ad thumbnail
    Learn how to upload ad thumbnail.
  • Upload thumbnails
    Upload images to have a visual flatplan.
  • Add users to create a team
    Create your team in a minute.
  • Reminder
    Send reminder to your colleagues before the deadline.
  • Move pages
    See how to move page(s) in the flatplan
  • Color labels
    Add color codes to pages to separate them visually.
  • Multiple pages
    How to edit multiple pages.
  • Copy page
    Learn how easy is to copy a page.
  • Create file
    Learn how to create a file with this flatplanning tool.
  • Adding deleting pages
    You can increase and decrease the number of pages on the run. It’s quick and easy.
  • Add users
    If you want to give full access for the files, you need to add sub-user(s) to your account. You can do it in the ‘My account menu’. (Up-right corner)