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Welcome to the Flat-Plan Knowledge Base! This is the place to learn how to use the software. The information here can also help you resolve any problems you may be experiencing with your account. You can search for specific topics and keywords in articles by using the search box below.

I can’t add ads

In most cases it is caused by the adblocker plugin. You may need to do one of the followings: Pause or turn off the [...]

The ad pop-up box is blank

When I click the add ads button, I'm not getting a choice of ad layouts (as shown in the tutorial videos), the ad pop-up box is [...]

Grant access

In order to give full access to a user, go to the Settings/Share menu and there tick the user's name. How to add a [...]

Delete account

You are free to leave at any time. Go to the 'My account' menu then click the REMOVE MY ACCOUNT button. [...]