Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I share my files with my colleague(s)?

Of course you can – it’s free and always will be. The shared user can view your file but can't modify it. Send as many invitations as you want. You can share your files with your whole team!

How many people can I share Flat-Plan with?

It's unlimited.

How much will the sharing cost?

It's free and always will be.

Will my colleagues be able to edit my files?

By default, only the account owner is able to edit them. Simultaneous logins with the same credentials are prohibited. If you want to give editing access to others, we suggest that you upgrade to the Premium service and add users to your account. If you have a Premium service, it means that you can add users if you want and you can have a multiple account.

What is the difference between the Basic and Premium service?

If you have a Basic service, you can share your files but only you can log in and work on your files. With the Premium service, you will be able to add as many user accounts as you want (the price depends on the number of users). Users will have full access to your files, which means they can edit the files and have the same privileges as you, unless you limit their rights in the settings.

Should you choose file sharing or adding user accounts?

Shared users cannot edit your files, but they can view and print them. Shared users can also leave comments on each page and mark ads as sold. If you want your colleagues to be able to edit the flatplans, then upgrade to the Premium service and create accounts for your colleagues.

What happens to my saved files?

Your data is stored on a server in the U.S.A and is backed-up daily, ensuring that you will never lose your files.

Why is this safe?

No spam. We will not share your email. No obligation. We won't bill you unless you buy.







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