What is the Flat-Plan software used for?

It is the most effective online flatplan tool available. It is designed for publications, especially magazines, but is also useful for smaller books and papers less than 1,000 pages. By using it, you can create a sheet which immediately displays your plan (articles, ads, titles, page numbers). If you want to instantly renumber pages or are fed up with clumsy file formats, forget about it! Flat-Plan will create your flatplan instead of you having to do all the work!

Why is creating a flatplan with the Flat-Plan easier?

At first glance you’ll see that Flat-plan is easier to use. Even on your first try you’ll be able to create a flatplan within a minute. It will eliminate hours of work and clumsy file formats. Flat-Plan will automatically renumber and reorder pages in your flatplan. If you work for a magazine, you can't work without this valuable tool. Our competitors’ products are more expensive and more complicated! This is the easiest publishing flatplanning and pagination tool.

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User interface in six languages

This is the only flatplanning software that is available in six languages  (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian)*. Don't miss out!

*Please note that our support service language is English.

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For Cuisine magazine, Flat-Plan has been a godsend. I have been using it for a few years now, but it is lately while our country has been in a massive lockdown (we are New Zealand-based) that it's been even more valuable. We are a small team working remotely, so being able to share updates on production, advert placement, pagination etc across the team all in one place is really easy and very helpful.

Flat Plan allows our team to plan each issue of VIPY magazine in advance, and change pages, ads and stories around as needed until we have a final page layout. Our team members are located all around the world, so Flat Plan works collaboratively and allows us to see issues planned from any geographic location.  Flat Plan is a key part of our print production.


  • Duplicate your flatplans. You don't need to start from scratch each time. This tool will make you the fastest.
  • Reorganize in seconds - No matter when or how many pages you delete or insert in your flatplan, it will revise the page order and numbering accurately.
  • Undo your changes - No worry, it's just a click.
  • Create Excel formatted reports - Make reports of your pages, or create lists of ads sorted by size or page numbers, and save them in Excel file (CSV) format.


  • No need to learn a new program - No need to waste time installing and learning new software. It’s easier than using a word processor!
  • Upload thumbnails - Attach your layouts to preview your magazine in 2D. You can easily edit the flow of the pages, and it is especially useful for designers.
  • Share with colleagues - Keep your colleagues updated online. Your changes will immediately be available to the colleagues with whom you have shared your file. This pagination tool will save you time and money.
  • Reduce mistakes - Swap, delete or insert pages as much as you want without the anxiety of renumbered pages or other mistakes in your flatplan.
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